around the world

This summer Hancock Christian Education will be traveling across the globe, and we need your help! Anticipating our One People One World mission for 2016-17, we want to spend the summer introducing Hancock children to countries and cultures around the world! We are looking for volunteers, one for each Sunday, from the beginning of July to the end of August, to share their experiences of traveling abroad. Bring in your photos, souvenirs, maps, even food you tried! Share your experiences of being in another country and how it affected you.

You won’t be doing this alone! You will have a CE point person who will help connect you with any supplies you may need and be with you and the children during your half hour session on Sunday morning. The goal of your session is to inspire the children to think across cultures.

What would it be like to live in this country?

Would would school be like?

What food would be eaten?

What language would be spoken?

What faith would be practiced?

For more information, questions, or to volunteer, contact David C. Clark at