Barbara C


July 1, 2015


Dear Friends,


We are pleased to inform you that that the search for our new minister is finished and we are very excited to introduce to you Reverend Barbara Lea Callaghan, our new minister!


The Search Committee thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Barbara and her wife Kate during our search process and we believe you will enjoy getting to know them as well. Barbara is confident, poised, an excellent listener, and a wonderful, warm person. It was obvious from our first conversation with her that she was passionate about being a minister and possessed a strong theology. Since her ordination, her focus has been on youth ministries and we look forward to her injecting energy and creative thinking into our faith formation program. Her commitment to social justice and open and affirming ministries will help us advance these important missions at Hancock.


Enclosed with this letter you will find a three-fold brochure providing additional background on Barbara. Also, in the brochure you will find links to several of Barbara’s sermons that are available online. You can listen to her preach even before she arrives at Hancock.


We also want to thank you for your patience during this process. The Committee reviewed nearly 50 candidate profiles and interviewed over 10 candidates, by phone, by Skype, and in person. It was a deeply deliberative process as the Committee members constantly challenged themselves to find that special candidate who would best serve your needs and help us to fulfill God’s calling to us at Hancock Church. The Committee was blessed to have a wonderfully supportive congregation and was constantly attentive to God’s presence and guidance throughout the effort. Many terrific candidates could have filled the position. Diligently selecting the best was not easy, but we believe Barbara is truly special.


Standing Committee unanimously accepted the recommendation of the Search Committee at their May meeting. Barbara’s official start date is August 25th, pending completion of her current responsibilities. We will arrange a number of formal and informal opportunities for you to meet Barbara, including a service to officially welcome her to Hancock Church early in September. Members of the Search Committee Kristine Arena, Sarah Keeping, and Paul Shafer have agreed to serve as a liaison to Barbara to help make her transition to our community as smooth as possible. You can be sure that when the time comes, we will reach out to you to help where you can.


Please do not hesitate to contact the Moderator or any member of our committee with questions.


The Search Committee deeply appreciates your trust and the privilege to work on your behalf in conducting this search.




Peace and blessings to all of us,

Brian Keeping



Members of the Hancock Search Committee

Kristine Arena

Gwyn Griffith

Skip Irving

Sarah Keeping

Christopher Locher

Linda O’Keefe

Paul Shafer

Paul Shupe

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Barbara brochure2