Modern Miracles: When a small group of Hancock members got together 3 years ago to discuss what Hancock could do about the growing problem of hunger in our world, we had no idea how we could accomplish what was felt at the time to be a very ambitious goal of feeding 5,000 people.  At the end of three years, we had found a way to feed 100,000 people and experienced our own version of the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Another small group of people of faith from several faith communities in Lexington got together with the mission of building community and growing good food for our good neighbors–and decided to form an interfaith garden.  When we started, we had no idea where we could plant such a garden or who would be willing to help.  Two years later, we have a beautiful interfaith garden just steps from the Lexington Green that has provided more than 3,000 pounds of fresh, healthy, organic produce to the food pantry with efforts of over 400 people of faith from 15 or 16 faith communities.  Another miracle!  –A Faith Story by Mark Sandeen.