My Faith Journey:  I’m not sure my faith would have been much of a journey to speak of at this point in my life without Hancock.  I grew up going to Sunday service next to my parents, sister, and grandparents in the same pew every week.  I chose to be confirmed here because of the Covenant of Welcome, and the promise of support in exploring one’s beliefs, not just blindly following what the people “in charge” said was the right thing to believe.  In high school, my experiences with the Hancock Youth Group formed the base of a passion for social justice that has continued to grow in me ever since.  Once I’d moved on to college and post-graduation life, I didn’t know how, or if, my relationship with Hancock, with my faith in general, would develop.

But God was still speaking to me through this place.  I am a person of faith for many reasons, one of the most important being these experiences of feeling a real connection to God…through relationships with friends and mentors that bring me a joy that is always just a little bit different from any other in a way I can’t explain… through a hymn or prayer or sermon on the Sunday I happened to be in church that seemed somehow personalized to exactly what was making me feel alone or lost… through opportunities to grow in ways that weren’t offered in any other part of my life… through a community that keeps evolving in ways that continue to support, challenge, surprise, excite, and inspire me.  –A Faith Story by Sarah Keeping