Reflection on God:  What is God?  How do we know that God is real?  What about the Bible too?  Should we just believe in our religion and faith?  Does God still love you if you don’t believe in God’s power and existence?  What is the point of life?  People have lots of different answers.  Which one is right?  How do we know that there was such a person called Jesus if we didn’t see him?  Why was it in the past that Jesus came down to Earth instead of the future?

Does God still love us if we sin and don’t forgive?  My parents always say that reconciliation is good for your well-being.  Some parents are not that great.  I remember that my aunt said one of my cousins works at a homeless shelter for children.  There is a 10 year old kid that makes lunch for his younger siblings, and he came there one day with no lunch because he couldn’t reach the peanut butter.  I don’t get why life has to be so unfair!  When somebody hits rock bottom and nobody is there, is God there in spirit but you don’t know?  How do you open a door or window if every possibility is closed?

Last year in Sunday school I read a poem with two different pictures in it.  There were two peoples’ footsteps in the sand, then only one person’s footsteps in the sand.  It went something like this: sometimes you are with God, but sometimes you are not.  Why? (Answer): When you thought you were alone, I was carrying you.  Even if you have a smile on your face, the world sometimes doesn’t smile back.  My parents always say look on the bright side.  Sometimes it feels impossible.

So… Who is God?

A Faith Story by Annie Williams (age 11)