Contemplative Practice within our Christian Tradition

BeccaLockwoodBecca Lockwood, Hancock Seminarian

This study group will meet Tuesday Evenings at 7:00pm starting April 23rd–Will meet 4/23 in the Wilson Room, and 4/30, 5/2, 5/9, and 5/16 in the Pearson Room

Join others as we focus on contemplative practices within our Christian tradition.  We will explore the meanings and experience of three specific practices: centering prayer/meditation, lectio divina, and finding our inner spiritual artist. This group will seek to discover which contemplative practice we as individuals gravitate towards.  In doing this we can foster the beginnings of what may grow into a deep spiritual practice that will better inform us into being the Christians we hope to be. We will be drawing from various religious leaders and resources – readings will be available weekly. Come and explore contemplative practices and how they enrich our spirituality and our community.  Should you have questions or want more information about this five-week study group, please contact Seminarian Becca Lockwood.


Carrying the Light: Sharing the Good News

2013,3,5_AlexMugAlex Shea Will, Hancock Seminarian

This study group will meet Sunday Evenings at 7:15pm starting April 28th–Will meet April 28th, May 5th, May 12th, and May 19the in the Pearson Room

How often do we talk about our faith? How would you answer that question if asked not to consider time in Hancock or with Hancock friends? Have you ever invited someone to worship with us, or shared with them the Good News of our faith? Do you have an idea of what you would say if you had to? Might it scare you, just a bit, to consider all this?

Whether this scares or excites you, join others to explore what it means to name and share our faith as a progressive, Christian community during the season of Eastertide. We won’t meet to draft Bible tracts or role play logic games to battle non-believers, nor will there be tests or correct answers. Rather, we’ll spend time together, as a diverse group, exploring what sharing the good news means for each of us. Just maybe, we’ll even try to reclaim that difficult “e” word: Evangelism.

Our time together in this four-week study group will be guided by the book Unbinding the Gospel by Martha Grace Reese (2 copies will be available in the Hancock Church library). Should you have questions or want more information, please contact Seminarian Alex Shea Will.