We will have an “In Between” hour discussion on Sunday November 13th, but hope it will spark conversation and discussion before and beyond as we all engage in reading the same book over the next several weeks!  Make a connection, have a conversation, and earn a leaf while thinking about this relevant and timely book!
“Combining history, psychology, and anthropology, TRIBE explores what we can learn from tribal societies about loyalty, belonging, and the eternal human quest for meaning. It explains the irony that-for many veterans as well as civilians-war feels better than peace, adversity can turn out to be a blessing, and disasters are sometimes remembered more fondly than weddings or tropical vacations. TRIBE explains why we are stronger when we come together, and how that can be achieved even in today’s divided world.”

Author Sebastian Junger will be speaking at First Parish in Bedford, 75 Great Road, at 2 p.m. on Nov. 13. Our congregation has been invited to join this in this event.