By Nancy Rottman

“We are all called to be mothers of God – for God is always waiting to be born.” – Meister Eckart, 13th Century Christian Mystic

So far this Advent, it has been as challenging as ever for me to slow down and find time for stillness and silence.  Perhaps the same is true for you. What I hope for us, though, is that we can meet the challenge, at the very least while we are in worship, when we are at a concert or other music offering, when we are taking winter stroll, or snuggling with our loved ones on a cold, dark night.  I hope that like Mary, you will be open to Divine revelation, to what God is hoping to birth into the world through you.  That in awe, you might accept that it is indeed true that God is whispering, nudging, and sometimes downright shoving each of us toward our potential in this world, to the very thing that we, each one specifically, are called to bring forth into the world.  I hope that also like Mary, you might hold yourself in the perplexity of such a thing.  That you might ponder it in your heart.  And rather than clinging to what has been, to the familiar, you and I will take that first step into the newness God is calling us to.  That you, and I, will reply, “Here am I.”  For nothing is impossible with God!