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Ancient, Contemporary, and Timeless: The Passion in Word and Music

March 24th, 4:00pm
Hancock Church, Lexington MA

On Palm Sunday (March 24th) at 4:00 p .m. we will present a dramatic re-telling of the Passion story through music, scripture, and poetry. The Chancel Choir will join forces with a full orchestra, professional soloists, and a variety of readers to present this core story of our Christian belief in a new way.

The concert will include music by Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Barber, Durufle, and more. The entire passion story will be read from a variety of translations old and new, and reflections will be offered in the form of poetry by John Updike, Langston Hughes, Mary Oliver, and many more.

The concert has been created by Hancock Director of Music, Mark Morgan. “I wanted to create an experience in which people could hear the story in a new way, that would draw our attention back to both the humanity of Jesus and how those around him must have felt. I also wanted to connect us in our time to this nearly 2000 year old text”

The concert is free and open to the public—a perfect event to invite a non-Hancock friend, co-worker, or neighbor to!




Lexington, MA–A 2000 year old tale of sacrifice, betrayal, love, and redemption, the story of The Passion of Christ continues to captivate and move us each Easter season. This timeless story will be presented through music, Word, and poetry by the Chancel Choir and Orchestra of Hancock Church on Palm Sunday, March 24th, at 4:00 p.m.

“The story is so familiar to so many that you can take it for granted and not really listen to or engage with it anymore. I wanted to tell the story in a new and different way to allow people to perhaps hear it again anew,” says Director of Music, Mark Morgan, “I want people to feel the power of the story and to really identify with its very human elements–how did Peter feel after he denied knowing his friend? How did Jesus’ mother feel when seeing him on the cross?”

The Passion story will be told through scripture–in old and new translations–through poetry, and through music spanning over 300 years. The Chancel Choir will be joined by a professional orchestra and soloists Teresa Winner Blume, Sara Hadley, Brad Peloquin, and John D. Adams. They will perform works of Bach, Mozart, Handel, Telemann, Durufle, and Raminsh. Poetic reflections will be drawn from the works of Langston Hughes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Updike, Mary Oliver, and more.

The program is free and open to the public. It will take place in the sanctuary at Hancock Church, 1912 Massachusetts Ave in Lexington. Free parking is available and the sanctuary is handicap accessible. For more information, call the church at 781-862-4220.