How To Feed a Stranger

The Lexington Interfaith Food Pantry provides sustaining food to families and individuals on a weekly basis.  Hancock Church has supported this organization for many years, both with volunteers and with food distributed by the Food Pantry to strangers and neighbors in our community who must rely on the generosity of strangers – us – for assistance in meeting basic food needs.

The work done by the Pantry’s director and many volunteers serves clientele such as elderly residents, single adults, and families with young children, who struggle financially due to disability, the loss of a job, or high medical expenses.  These are people you may never meet, or people within your community who are struggling silently.

As a member of the Christian Service Committee, and the Food Pantry coordinator, I wanted to let you know about the need in our community and ask for donations to the Lexington Food Pantry.  On Saturday November 14, Hancock volunteers helped clients fill their shopping bags with the allotment of food they are allowed to pick up each week.  Approximately 80 clients were served, higher than a typical number.  The impact on the Food Pantry’s inventory was noticeable at the end of the shift.

There are two ways you can help:

  1. When you come to Hancock Church – whether for the Sunday morning or Sunday evening service – please consider bringing a donation of non-perishable food items for the collection baskets located in the Narthex or outside Clark Hall at the top of the stairs.  Items must be within their expiration date!

These items are always needed: hearty soups and canned meals with protein such as beans, chicken, beef; tuna fish; gluten-free cereal, pasta, and soup; vegetarian foods such as soup, chili, and baked beans; canned corn, canned peas; low-salt or low-fat non perishable foods.

  1. At the upcoming Hancock Holiday Fair on December 6, consider purchasing a Lexington Food Pantry donation card as a gift for “someone who has everything”.  For your donation you will receive a card that you may give as a gift, stating that a donation has been made to the Food Pantry in lieu of a gift. The cash donation you make will help the Pantry purchase essential food items that clients rely on.

For more information on food donations, volunteering for upcoming Hancock team dates, or purchasing holiday donation cards for the Lexington Interfaith Food Pantry, please contact the church office. Thank you!