Delight in Giving: Congratulations to the HUCC Community!

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stewardship flagsStrings of brightly colored prayer flags arced across Clark Hall in October, 2013, the start of our annual stewardship campaign. The flags made visible the many ways in which Hancock’s members and friends share their time and serve others as part of our local, national and global ministries.

So began our celebration of Delight in Giving as our church family seeks to grow together to further God’s work in the world. You may remember circling words on your prayer flag, processing to the front of the sanctuary on Commitment Sunday in November, or enjoying a juicy pear at the coffee hour celebration that day. Perhaps you listened one of our clergy’s moving sermons about sharing our gifts, or to a friend’s testimony about what Hancock means to him or her. Perhaps you found your inspiration in the stewardship packet you received in the mail.

However the message reached you and whatever moved you to respond to the call, thank YOU! Together, we achieved tremendous results:

  • stewardship word cloudPrayer flags adorned Clark Hall, representing the time and talents Hancock members and friends pledge every year to create our community of faith. We tallied how many times each of the words was selected across all 139 responses, revealing the three words that represent giving joyfully for this group of respondents: Listen, Learn and Pray. You will see these words again in upcoming stewardship communications this fall!
  • Hancock received 201 pledges of financial support, or 82% of the 243 pledges made last year. This is a good turnout AND we can do better! Our goal is 100% participation in Stewardship, no matter the size of the pledge made. Every gift counts.
  • Hancock members pledged a record $729,479 to sustain and grow our mission. We topped last year’s total and raised enough money to fund our activities. Thank you!

Here are the final numbers for the Delight in Giving stewardship campaign, shown in graph form and comparing the last three years:

stewardship chart1

stewardship chart2


What do these results mean for us today? What do they mean as we continue reflecting on how we can give joyfully of the abundance God has shared with us?

Here is a list of Stewardship Team reflections as we look ahead to the next campaign:

  • We learned that our Delight in Giving theme helped us focus on what we are trying to do as a community – did it help you?
  • We learned the many ways people give of themselves in addition to monetary contributions. We intend to honor and celebrate these gifts throughout the upcoming seasons.
  • We need to learn why our participation was lower this year compared to past years. While we surpassed the total dollars from last year, a trend of fewer people giving more money is not healthy for us on a practical OR on a spiritual level.
  • We confirmed our belief that stewardship is a faith practice of personal growth and gratitude. We confirmed that talking about giving is a year-round effort and we need to start the conversation about the 2015 stewardship campaign much earlier than October. WATCH THIS SPACE for more news in the coming months!
  • We welcome your feedback. If you would like to share your perspective on past efforts, or to make suggestions for this fall, please contact us. We want to know what would make you, or anyone who didn’t participate, feel invited to do so in the future. Please share your insights with us.

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On behalf of the entire Stewardship Team, please accept our deep gratitude for your continued support of Hancock United Church of Christ.