Sharing Good Friday Walk

Make a pledge during Coffee Hour!

Forty-two years ago this spring, the Sharing Good Friday Walk was born to combat malnutrition in children which had been documented at the time by a Tufts Medical School study. This act of sharing with those, particularly children, in 3 of our most poverty stricken southern states, has been generously supported by Hancock people for nearly that many years, both as walkers and as sponsors.

This year, as in the past, Harriet Chmela and Faith Fenske will walk the 20 miles on Good Friday, raising money for food cooperatives, day care centers, scholarships, and other needs of the children of poverty. More than 94% of the money raised by all the walkers, so far more than 3 million dollars, goes directly to the organizations that are making a difference in the lives of children mainly in Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. Faith and Harriet will be happy to take pledges of support at coffee hour up to Good Friday.

To find out more about Sharing Inc, and the Good Friday Walk go here.