December 20th, 2012

Advent Devotional by Alex Will


Share Everything

I drove by a billboard last week that exclaimed the words: “share everything.” Around those words swirled pictures of songs and movies, books and apps, all those things we love on our phones and tablets. It was just a Verizon Wireless advertisement for shareable phone plans, but it spoke to a truth about the ways in which we interact with one another.

We are encouraged to share so much today, and my generation in particular loves to share, but I think there is something beautiful and healthy about it. I like that we value sharing things that are important to us, even if it’s just a song or two. However, what does all this sharing amount to? Are we just scratching the surface level of what is important in our lives?

Mary and Elizabeth didn’t share a phone plan and they weren’t friends on Facebook, but they were able to share so much with one another. They opened their souls to one another to talk about the gloriously terrifying new thing that God was doing in their lives. What are we sharing with our friends and family, and God? Are we limiting ourselves to that which is measured by how many likes or retweets it gets?

Everyday that passes this Advent season, we get closer to celebrating that moment when God shared the fullness of her love with us, in the most honest, open, and humbling of ways. Maybe we can learn from Mary and Elizabeth, and from the baby Jesus, of the joy that comes from sharing in ways that encourages us to truly share.

Will you pray with me? Holy One, help us go deeper. Give us the courage to open our hearts to you and to those whom we love. Amen.