As of April 2014.

After Dana Allen Walsh departs for her new call on June 1st, we’ll be entering an interim period of perhaps 9-15 months as we conduct a national search for our new Minister. Just to clear up any confusion, we’ve created a schedule of Interim Plans and Ministerial Duties:

April 21-May 11: Paul will take part of his vacation time

May 17: Andover-Newton Graduation Day: Pam Cochrane, Courtney Jones, Becca Lockwood, and Alex Shea Will will all graduate that day!

May 31-June 1: Celebration of Dana’s Ministry and her last sermon at Hancock

June 2: Alex Shea Will starts working full time hours as Acting Minister for Congregational Care. Pam Cochrane starts part-time as Acting Minster for Faith Formation.

June 16-August 17: Paul will take his remaining vacation time.
During this time, Nancy Rottman and Becca Lockwood will alternate part-time hours every week.

September 1: Pam Cochrane starts full-time hours as Acting Minster of Faith Formation.

December 26-January 17, 2015: Paul will take part of his sabbatical, which coincides with Andover-Newton’s winter break.

June-August 2015: Paul will take the remainder of his sabbatical during this time. He will announce firmer plans when the time approaches.