Facts Regarding Our New Transformer

In the April 10, 2014 edition of the Lexington Minuteman a letter written by neighbors adjacent to our church building complained about the installation of a new electrical transformer near the boundary line between our two properties.

We understand their unhappiness, and we regret that we did not better anticipate it.

Still, some facts need to be reiterated here.

  • The new transformer is essential for the increased electrical demands of our new elevator.
  • The location of the new transformer was a decision made by our architect and engineer in consultation with our electrical provider NSTAR.
  • The location, size, and color of the transformer were presented at an open meeting of the Historic District Commission (HDC), and were approved.
  • Notice of the meeting of the HDC was sent to all the neighbors of the church.
  • The size and color of our transformer is consistent with two transformers already located on the Green, hidden beneath the great pine tree.
  • It has always been our plan to surround the transformer with plants and shrubs, per the requirements of the HDC, and we have agreed to discuss our plant choices with our neighbors.
  • In confirming their approval, the HDC reviewed photos taken of the location before the installation that shows shrubbery approximately of the height and width of the transformer, suggesting that when our landscaping plans are completed, the site will not be much different in appearance than it was before.

Hancock Church strives to be a good neighbor and responsible citizen.  In complying fully with every step of the approval process, we believe that we have been so in this case.  Still, one can always be a better neighbor, and this will continue to be our goal.