March 27, 2014
Lenten Devotional by Pam Cochrane

Old South Scarf Project

A scarf from the Old South Scarf Project

Do you pray with your hands?  Knitting, cooking, kneading, painting, writing, doodling, carving, digging, building, all are forms of creative prayer and meditation.   As spring emerges and Marathon Day in Boston approaches, the prayerful work of many knitters  will dawn thousands of runners as Old South Church gathers again to offer the runners blessings and scarves.

As the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approaches, members of Boston’s Old South Church United Church of Christ have mixed feelings. Some are facing the anniversary with a spirit of defiance and determination, some feel a growing sense of unease and foreboding, and for others it is a time of grievous loss, said the church’s pastor, the Rev. Nancy Taylor. But the church, located about 100 feet from the marathon’s finish line, where the bombs went off on April 15, 2013, will choose to celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit through the Marathon Scarf Project, an effort to wrap each runner of this year’s race in love, hope and prayer.”  Read more at:

The hands of many have been hard at work and the circle of knitters now spans the country from congregation to congregation. Praise be to God for all the ways we pray and share our prayers with others!