Prayer Vigil for

U.N. Climate Conference

in Paris

paris 2015 banner

Monday, December 7, 7:30-8:30 PM

Sacred Heart Parish Center (opposite Wilson Farm)

21 Follen Rd., Lexington


From Nov. 30 to December 11, hundreds of world leaders will meet at the Paris Climate Summit with an urgent mission:  Finalize an international commitment to combat climate change.  Some see this as a last chance to prevent the worst consequences of climate disruption.  So far, reaching agreement has been too difficult… under pressure, politicians have overlooked our shared responsibility to protect our children and our most vulnerable global neighbors, and to ensure survival for all life on earth.


We will gather during the stressful last week of negotiations to pray for:

  • Courage and wisdom for our world leaders to take bold steps to address climate change.
  • A strong treaty to emerge out of the climate summit.
  • Communities affected by climate disruption, including the growing number of climate refugees.
  • The ecological conversion of ourselves and others.


For further information, contact Fran Ludwig (781-861-7231)