A Warm Hug Filled With Prayers

That’s what a prayer shawl is! It is a gift fit for the newborn baby Jesus and his parents. Here at Hancock we have a prayer shawl ministry that brings the comfort and prayers of our community of faith to those in need. Knitting prayer shawls is a spiritual practice for the knitter, whose heart, hands, mind, and spirit are united in an act of prayer for the one who will receive their caring in the shawl that is created. Shawls are available for anyone who is experiencing illness or injury, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. We also gift prayer shawls to those who are baptized at Hancock. The shawl is a symbol of our covenant to provide loving Christian community and nurture to the newly baptized and their family. Ultimately, prayer shawls are LOVE made real and tangible in the world for someone in need. If you knit or crochet and would like to make prayer shawls, please let our Congregational Care Coordinator, Nancy Rottman, know. If you are aware of someone who would benefit from the gift of a shawl, please speak with Nancy or another member of the worship staff.