March 17, 2014
Lenten Devotional by Alex Shea Will

paradise garden picture

At the age of 59, Howard Finster heard a call from God. I don’t know exactly how he heard it, but I do know that it lead him to do something very interesting – he opened “Paradise Garden.” Using the things that others had thrown away, discarded, and neglected, Howard created stunning pieces of art to help others glimpse “paradise.”

Sometimes, I think that’s exactly what God wants to do, too. As we discard our vulnerability for the fleeting materialism of the world, God picks up our discarded humanity and builds our own “Paradise Garden” for each and every one of us. A garden in which moth and rust have no power and thieves have no access.

Maybe this Lenten season we’ll give up discarding our humanity and come to find where our true treasures lie. And in finding them, we might come to glimpse paradise in our hearts.

Can you picture God saying Howard’s words, pictured above, to you?