paul lavendar gloves

Sixteen Habitat for Hancock angels put in 80 hours of volunteer work this four day weekend to completely renovate the dining room storage closet! The storage space was emptied, cleaned, patched, sanded, primed, painted, sorted, and reorganized from the ceiling to the floor, and a broken electrical outlet was replaced. It is now sparkling, fresh-smelling, safe, and very efficiently organized.
Thank you angels so much for sharing your time and your talent. For the cost of one gallon of paint and a couple rollers, they were able to completely renovate a space that had not been updated since the 1960s! When you see them, please thank them for their devotion to the church building this weekend: Joan and Dean Rutila, Janet Woit, Anita Chanoux, Gloria Amirault, Susan McClements, Yvette Kirby, Scott Martin, Daryl and Tom Battin, MaryAnn and Paul Shupe, Carolyn Bell, Martha Sheridan, Cheryl and Mike Kraley.
Watch for information on the next Habitat project in January. You too can be a Hancock Angel!