Here at Hancock United Church of Christ, the congregation is responsible for running the church (typical of how all congregational churches are organized).  Our governing body is called the Standing Committee, and is made up of church officers (such as the moderators, treasurer, clerk, etc.), chairs of various designated committees, the clergy, and 6 Members-at-Large who represent the congregation.  Every month, the Standing Committee at Hancock Church meets to discuss and vote on issues of importance that affect how the church conducts its (our) business.   Twice a year issues that come before Standing Committee which require a congregational vote are presented to the congregation in the winter (end of January) and spring (end of May) semi-annual meetings.

Starting with the February meeting, we plan on publishing notes from the monthly Standing Committee meetings.  These will be written by the Members-at-Large.  Any questions/comments may be directed to any of these members, or to the moderators.



News from the Standing Committee 2016-02-23

News from the Standing Committee 2016-03-15