New Adult Ed Class: Learning in the Living Room

Every Wednesday, 7:30-9 pm, Sept 25 through Nov 6


This fall, the Adult Education Committee is offering six Wednesday evening house gatherings as an opportunity for learning and fellowship. A different member of our staff will lead each gathering. We will cover a different topic every week, begin with a brief overview and then continue with a discussion. You are welcome to come to one gathering, a few, or all six! No homework and no grades, just an opportunity to come together to learn and connect.



The Search for Transcendence in American Popular Music

Discussion led by Paul Shupe

Hosted by Karen Petersen and Dennis Busa at 6 Westminster Ave

American popular music has always produced songs that express a hunger to transcend the world as we know it: music of empathy, vision, and prophetic witness. We’ll listen to some music from Curtis Mayfield, Van Morrison, the Pretenders, and Mary Gauthier, and talk about hearing the spiritual dimension in this music.



Experience the Great Outdoors

Discussion led by Becca Lockwood

Hosted by Lisa and Mark Sandeen at 10 Brent Rd

Come and enjoy an informal worship service outside. We will sing and pray and listen for God as we worship outside. After worship we will have a discussion around the importance if Outdoor Ministry in Christian formation and how we envision Outdoor Ministry happening in the local church.



Finding the Words: Talking to Kids About the Loss of Loved Ones

Discussion led by Alex Shea Will

Hosted by Susan and Manuel Navia at 55 Hancock St

Whether it be a grandparent, a teacher, or a favorite pet, it can be hard to speak with kids about the loss of someone they loved. When we gather, we’ll talk about our experiences with some of these tough conversations and share resources for comforting our youth. We’ll also explore ways that our faith can help the process but also might seemingly make it difficult. Please bring any resources you’ve found helpful.




WEEK 4: OCT 23

The Intersection of Scripture and Art

Discussion led by Pam Cochrane

Hosted by Nancy and Sam Altschuler at 2 Butterfield Rd


Ancient Story and New Voices shares stories of women in the Hebrew Bible, contemporary literature, and the world. Come explore the story, how the book was created and journey on the river that flows through the pages, and over time, bringing new life to the voices and images of those who walk in faith.

“I was searching to find a place where Biblical Text and modern tale can meet the pavement for readers and storytellers. Presented in a woven basket with cloth and palm branches, the book is nestled in its own shroud of protection. Perhaps as if prepared to be drawn from the river itself or cupped in the hands as an offering of solidarity and hospitality. This altered book is an invitation to join the story.”

WEEK 5: OCT 30th

What Can We Learn From Evangelicals?

Discussion led by Dana Allen Walsh

Hosted by Yvette and Bill Kirby at 272 Concord Ave

In the past 50 years, there has been a cultural shift from mainline Protestant Christianity to a more fundamental, evangelical theology in our country.  What attracts people to the evangelical church?  How is it different from the ways we worship and practice?  What can we learn from our evangelical brothers and sisters?

WEEK 6: November 6

Growing Up Catholic and Finding a Home at Hancock

Discussion led by Paul Shupe and Dana Allen Walsh

Hosted by Susan and Manuel Navia at 55 Hancock St