Feburary 16, 2014

6th Sunday After Epiphany

This week in morning worship:
Paul Shupe preaches sermon titled “Learning On the Everlasting Arms.”
Matthew 8:23-27

One of the greatest, and most important facts about worship is that we can come into the sanctuary just as we are. We do not need to be dressed in any particular way; nor is there a test of faith that is prerequisite to attendance; nor does life have to be going along perfectly. No, we come, just as we are, anticipating that if we open our lives to God, without pretense or deception, we will find acceptance, sustenance, and, ultimately, transformation. Sometimes it seems more complicated, but truly, it is not: come as you are, encounter the God who made you and who loves you still, and leave renewed, encouraged, uplifted. May this be your experience this day!

The choir will sing the moving gospel anthem, Total Praise.