Join Student Minister Nancy Rottman for a mini-retreat during Lent:

Getting Real with God: Reclaiming the Christian Spiritual Practice of Lament

NOTE: The Lenten Mini-Retreat has been changed from Friday and Saturday to just Saturday.

lament word cloud Saturday, March 14, 8am-2pm
Pearson Room
Saturday morning coffee, and lunch provided.

Join Student Minister Nancy Rottman for a mini-retreat during Lent to learn more about the power of lament to deepen our relationship with God and one another. During our time together we’ll explore the history of lament within Christian spiritual practice, imagine the power of lament in addressing injustice and oppression in the world today, and practice writing, singing, and speaking lament individually and communally. All are welcome and can be assured of a safe, accepting, and risk-free environment in which to share as little or as much of yourself as you are comfortable with.

We often hear the paraphrase of Philippians 4:6 “Take everything to God in prayer.” But how often do we truly take everything, every sorrow and woe, every complaint and protest to God

Lament is the biblical language of sorrow, protest, and contrition. It is a means of telling the truth, speaking with and to God about how life truly is. Lament is available to us individually and communally as a way to embrace the paradox of connection between our deepest sorrow and our deepest joy. Lament and praise within the biblical tradition are inextricably linked, the two sides of the same coin.