meditation frog

Beginning Wednesday Oct. 29, 7PM in Clark Hall

Talk & new series of workshops: Oct. 29, Nov. 5, Nov. 12

Stan Goldin PhD., Harvard Medical School/Cognitive Rhythms Collaborative

 Give it a try, learn about what brain research is saying about its benefits.

There is growing interest in appreciating and directly experiencing the benefits of regular meditation. The Christian contemplative tradition adds another dimension of benefit to those of secular mindfulness meditation-the chance to experience and deepen our relationship with a Divine Presence that we call God.  An introduction to the principles and concepts behind Centering Prayer, and hands-on experience of the method, are both part of this new fall series.

Stan is a neuroscientist who has had the chance to benefit from ongoing dialogue with a noted Christian Contemplative authority, Fr. Thomas Keating. We will share these dialogues on the benefits of Centering Prayer; what neuroscience is suggesting of those benefits; and also, Fr. Keating’s mind-stretching perspective on broader philosophical questions of human evolution and destiny. Read more about our Adult Christian Education Programs!