Have you ever see thousands of smiling people, cheering for you, all because you’re standing up for love and justice?

pride parade 2014-1

Last year, Hancock had 12 marchers for this joyous and faithful event – this was the most we’ve ever had! While 12 is a great number, a church of our size is capable of sending so many more! Will you help us break our record this year by signing up to march?

Do I have to be LGBT to march?

If you come to the Pride Parade, you’ll meet people who are gay and straight, married and single, young and old, – this list goes on and on! Hancock’s group of 12 consisted of all those demographics by ourselves.

Who is organizing this?

Our marshalls this year are Alex Shea Will and Sarah Keeping. They’ll be coordinating all the details and will answer any of your questions.

What will we be doing?

We’ll meet as a group at our designated location and march along the parade route. The route is about a mile and is a relatively easy walk. The hardest part of the walk is the last portion up Beacon Hill, but it’s well worth it! Along the route we wave at the thousands of spectators and hand out candy, all the while spreading the word that Hancock is a community welcoming to all – who wouldn’t want to do that?

Is it safe for my family?

Absolutely! The organizers of the parade are committed to providing a family friendly atmosphere for all ages. We had young children last year – they had a great time handing out the candy!

Do I have to commit now?

No! If you’re thinking about going, we’d love to know. It’s truly a life changing experience. If you have any interest, please contact the church office or fill out this form:

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