Dear Hancock Friends,


It is a joy to be back among you after my recent sabbatical! I return rested and ready, full of hope and joy as a new chapter in the life of our church begins. Sabbatical leave is a wonderful thing, and I wish that everyone had opportunity to take one. Mine was filled with a little work as I remained active with the Search Committee until our call to Rev. Barbara Callaghan was accepted. The Search Committee work made it difficult to plan, but rest was the chief order of the day, and I managed to do quite a lot of that. Thanks to friends we spent four glorious May days on Cape Cod, and the rest of the time in Maine. I read to my heart’s content: poetry, novels, and yes, scripture and a bit of theology. I spent a lot of time pondering the next few years at Hancock, discerning what I think God is calling me, and perhaps we, to be about. More will be said about that in months to come. An additional task was the joy of serving as a reference and counselor to several of our former student ministers who were searching this spring for calls to new churches.


I have missed much that is near and dear to me: the joy of the HYG returning from Neon, the confirmation of our young people, marching with our banner in the Pride Parade, the arrival of our new hymnals, the departures of faithful ministers Alex Will and Pam Cochrane, and the rededication of our Remembrance Hall and Memorial Garden. And I have fallen behind in knowing about your lives, a fact which I hope we can rectify as we get a chance to talk and get caught up.


Please know that I am back, ready to help in whatever ways I can. Please feel free to call me, send me a text or an email, to invite me for coffee. I am more than ready to be active once more. Thanks for letting me go, and thanks for making me welcome upon my return!


God’s Peace,