March 26, 2014
Lenten Devotional by Pam Cochrane

fork in roadHave you ever taken a look at the paths you travel each day.  For many of us, the daily commute, walk, run or drive takes us on the same road, the same path often worn and predictable.  I have traveled the same roads in my car, daily, for years, actually decades  but I rarely think about all that I have missed in traveling to my destination. Often rushing, hardly conscious to even the task of driving, I reach my destination clueless of the road I have traversed. One day I stopped. I just slowed down long enough to be present to what I was rushing by every day without notice.  I found an amazing garden and a friend, I had never witnessed, in her element doing what she does best.  How had I missed this!

My father’s favorite Robert Frost poem is  “The Road Not Taken,” where “two roads diverge in a yellow wood… I look the one less travelled by.”  Today, I see this poem in  new light.  It’s not always a clear fork in the road that deserves our attention.  It could be we just need to stop, be aware and look around.

During this season of Lent, as we practice mindfulness, awareness of others, and God’s work in the world, try slowing down to a pace that invites you to stop and take in some of what you might have been missing as you travel by.