Hancock Church is a community of people committed to helping one another. For me to know when you need help, I need to know you. I have found that one of the best ways to get to know another person is to work with them. It gives us a chance to talk and find out what we have in common. The work of the Hancock Church Committees is an easy way to work together. We meet for fellowship and at the same time discuss what needs to be done at Hancock Church. 

Over the next few weeks, the Nominating Committee will be discussing the work performed by the committees of Hancock Church. Please, as you read these notes, consider what gifts you have to contribute to the Hancock community and choose some committees in whose work you would like to contribute. Your participation and contributions are what make Hancock Church the vibrant community it is. When you have made your selections or if you want more information, please call or email one of us on the Nominating Committee so that we will know your wishes.

Congregational Care:

While congregational care is the work of the entire congregation, the core committees oversees the various ministries of care here at Hancock Church. Some of these ministries include visits, rides to church, delivering Sunday flowers, knitting prayer shawls, preparing and delivering casseroles and praying for our congregation.  This committee has a vital role in supporting the ministerial staff here at church.


The Deacons primary ministry to Hancock involves caring for our worship services and spaces. They do this through coordinating and distributing communion, decorating the sanctuary during Advent, coordinating the deliveries of Christmas and Easter flowers, and occasionally working with the ministerial staff to think theologically about the practice of worship. Additionally, the Deacons also help coordinate the beloved annual Senior Picnic.