The Nominating Committee will have a series of announcements to introduce the various committees of the church! The first two are Adult Education and Parish Life.

When Jesus was baptized by John, he became a member of the community that had formed around John. When we are baptized, we join a long line of brothers and sisters who were baptized by other brothers and sisters who were baptized by other brothers and sisters all the way back to John. In a sense, Jesus is our brother in this community. Communities thrive when the members look after one another. Over the next few weeks, the Nominating Committee will be discussing the work performed by the committees of Hancock Church. Please, as your read these notes, consider which committees you might gift with your participation. When you have made your selections or if you want more information, please call or email one of us on the Nominating Committee so that we will know your wishes!

Linda Williams, Daryl Battin, Linda Nason, and Andy McClaine

The Adult Christian Education Committee works with Ordained Staff to promote and provide programs for the adults at Hancock Church that offer insights into our shared heritage, the history of our church, and the messages that Jesus (and the many prophets before Jesus) brought us. They provide opportunities for fellowship as well as education. They coordinate Bible Study, Pastor’s Class, First Thursday book study, Lenten Series, Beyond the Well, and Women’s Retreats. This committee is made up of 6 members.

The Parish Life Committee is tasked with providing opportunities for fellowship within the Hancock community. This committee hosts the weekly coffee hour, the Palm Sunday and Breakfast, Progressive Dinners, and Summer Barbecues as well as many other event throughout the year. The committee is made up of 8 members.