Nominating Committee Highlights Children’s Christian Education and Christian Service
Hancock Church is a community. Communities support one another. Participation in the work of the church is the quickest way to get to know one another and to be in a position to support one another. Over the next few weeks, the Nominating Committee will be discussing the work performed by the committees of Hancock Church. Please, as you read these notes, consider what gifts you have to contribute to the Hancock community and choose some committees in whose work you would like to contribute. Your participation and contributions are what make Hancock Church the vibrant community it is. When you have made your selections or if you want more information, please call or email one of us on the Nominating Committee so that we will know your wishes

Children’s Christian Education:
This committee oversees the children’s education on Sunday Mornings using theme-based curriculum, and organizes activities to foster community for children and families. The committee has five to six members.

Christian Service:
The mission of this committee is to lead and engage Hancock members of all ages in promoting a more just and humane world through acts of service to those in need.  Such service may take the form of planned donations to designated organizations, timely responses to urgent needs, and leading the congregation in the regular giving of goods and volunteering of time and talents at the local, national, and global levels.  The committee supports and identifies volunteer and giving opportunities for a variety of charities, including, but not limited to, MangerSunday (benefiting City Mission Society), Lexington Food Pantry, Rosie’s Place, The Women’s Lunch Place, Russell Elementary School in Dorchester, Sustainable Harvest International, and the Outdoor Church of Cambridge.