The photo Rev Kostarakis took during the service!

The photo Rev Kostarakis took during the service!


What a a beautiful service it was! Thank you to everyone at Hancock who helped make this possible.


All are invited to join the Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association (LICA) in our annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Worship Service to be held Tuesday, November 25th, at 7:30 pm at Hancock United Church of Christ, on the Green. Refreshments and conversation will follow the service. “Our Interfaith Service is a tradition of several decades,” said Rabbi Jill Perlman of Temple Isaiah and a Co-President of LICA. “It is always inspiring to see Christians and Jews, Unitarians and Muslims, Hindus and members of other faith traditions giving thanks for the blessings of life.”


The 2014 service will remember and celebrate more than fifty years of cooperation and shared service to the entire community. Service planner Rev. Paul Shupe of Hancock Church explains, “Respect and shared endeavor among gatherings of people of different faiths is not common in our world. Far too often mistrust and enmity prevail. But the faith communities of Lexington have a long and honorable history of giving thanks for the faith of others, and for working together to learn, to grow, and ease human suffering.”


The service will include readings from many traditions attesting to the goodness of being open to others, stories of shared sacred work that has occurred over the decades, and celebration of ongoing efforts. Such efforts include an Interfaith Garden which provides organic produce for hungry families, as well as the Lift Up Lexington response to families in transition. We will also celebrate the rich community found among the clergy through their association with one another. An interfaith choir will sing, and at evening’s end we’ll eat and share good fellowship one with another.


All are invited to attend, whether you are participating in a faith community or not. The service can be watched live on Lexington cable television: Comcast channel 8, or RCN channel 3, or Verizon Channel 3. It will also be available over the internet via livestream: visit to find the livestream link.