Journal Entry April 9, 2016

Protecting Our Bees 

We had another wonderful day at the garden this morning, including two delightful helpers from Fiske School. We have started planting!

We are getting two new hives of bees for the garden soon – thanks to the very generous donation from one our garden volunteers!

We started the process of moving the bee hive location from behind the barn to just behind the peach tree, where Carla hopes the bees will do better.

We also have good news from Maryland and Massachusetts on protecting our bees. If you want to protect Massachusetts bees, please contact Rep. Jay Kaufman, Sen. Mike Barrett, and Sen. Ken Donnelly to ask them to protect our bees by banning neonicotinoids. Legislation to protect bees in Massachusetts was just moved out of committee. Here is the news…

Thursday night, the Maryland House and Senate agreed upon and jointly passed a final version of the Maryland Pollinator Protection Act, which would eliminate consumer use of neonicotinoids, a widely-used class of pesticides that has been shown to negatively impact honeybees. If the bill — which now goes to the desk of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) — is enacted into law, it would make Maryland the first state in the country to codify such protection for honeybees at a statewide level.

Spurred by the high level of bee losses, states, like California, Alaska, New York, and Massachusetts, are currently considering legislation that would ban neonicotinoids, though none of the proposals have made it through the state’s legislature (besides Maryland, Massachusetts is the furthest along, as its bill was recently voted out of committee).