Don’t Second Guess Carla!

I have to admit, I had my doubts that we would actually be able to work at the Interfaith Garden this afternoon as scheduled.  On Saturday, in the face of the snow storm forecast of 5-6 inches to fall Sunday night into Monday mid-day, Carla says she expected we would be working on Tuesday, even though our next scheduled volunteer time would be less than 28 hrs after snow was expected to end dumping its inches.

At 10:30 this morning I walked by and the garden was almost completely covered in snow. I was really doubting Carla at that point.  But by later this afternoon the snow cover was completely melted and the Garden was ready for us.
We had a crew of about 8 people fully employed moving more of the composted manure over to the garden to be spread.  There were shovelers, wheelbarrow shuttlers and spreaders.  See the traffic flow in the picture below.
––Amy Swanson