The many programs and committees of Hancock Church are the responsibility of the members and

friends of Hancock. We organize and perform the work at Hancock. In the process of working together,

we get to know one another and in this way we build our community, a community that looks after one

another. The leadership of our programs comes from the committees. The Nominating committee is

actively looking for volunteers and recommendations for filling the committees. We have openings in

Nominating, Christian Service, Deacons, Finance, Hospitality & Fellowship/Parish Life,

Welcoming/Membership, Stewardship, Collector/Assistant Collectors, and Ushers & Greeters. If you are

interested in participating in any of these committees or any other committee, please email or call Andy

McClaine,, 781-861-7016.

Please click here to learn more: Helping Hands & Minds at Hancock РCommittees & More