Over the past month we have seen several elements of the construction project completed: the first and second floor bathrooms, the second floor handicapped bathroom (next to the Pearson Room), and the Pearson Room kitchenette.


The new coffee machines and the new refrigerator and freezer are up and running in the kitchen. Most of the kitchen work has been completed. The Fire Department, however, will not certify the kitchen for use until other aspects of the fire alarm system in the building have been completed as well. In addition, the Fire Department has recently added requirements (beyond the existing code) for carbon monoxide detectors in several parts of the building. Ordering and installing these will take several weeks. This last hurdle is causing considerable frustration.


The elevator installation continues. In another week or so the general contractors will move back into the front part of the building to complete the masonry, drywall, stairs, and the offices and bathrooms. Once that work is completed the elevator inspection will be scheduled.