In May of 2013, Hancock sent 11 hard-working adults to regions of New Jersey most devastated by Hurricane Sandy the previous fall.  For a full week they hung sheet rock, painted, and installed flooring.  They found that through this work, their friendships with one another were strengthened, their commitment to social justice was renewed, and their gratitude was expanded and refreshed.

At the end of the trip, our team was recognized by the Fuller Center as an exceptionally well-organized volunteer group.

2013 Fuller Center trip Louise

From the Fuller Center Website:

“Because of its age and proximity to Atlantic City’s beach, it may be the property that needed the most work, and that’s why veteran house leaders Charlie Thell and Tim DuBois of Minnesota are on the job.

They knew they would need a well-organized crew of volunteers to get the job done. They got it in the form of 11 members from Hancock United Church of Christ of Lexington, Mass.

“I can’t imagine having a better crew,” veteran house leader Tim DuBois, right, said of his volunteers in Atlantic City.

“I can’t imagine having a better crew. I’m just absolutely pleased as punch. We needed a certain skill level to pick this job up and run with it, and these guys fit in. They had a skill level that we could direct them and they could do the job without micro-supervision. In addition to their skill level, their attitude and determination fits right in.”

While many of the work crews at Legacy Build house projects are an assembly of volunteers from different parts of the country with varying skill sets, “Team Hancock” came pre-assembled. DuBois is a Legacy Build veteran, and he said that was key to getting off to a quick start on a property that needed so much work…

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