On April 2nd, Hancock Church will host the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force from Worcester, Ma. The asylum group is the product of a vision of Rev. Judith Hanlon of Hadwen Park Congregation Church. Since 2007 Hadwen Park, and Rev. Hanlon, have assisted more than 120 asylum seekers, mostly from countries where being LGBTQ is a capital offense. Currently, they are supporting 14 in Worcester and many cases are still pending. The group will hold an informational session at 11:00 am in the sanctuary, and will lead the noon worship service, Worship @the Well, held in Clark Hall. Come, be moved and inspired by the stories of courage and hope of our guests. Come and learn more about the work of the task force, and stay for the service at noon where we share worship and prayer with these amazing souls.

Hancock Church is located at 1912 Massachusetts Ave. in Lexington, on the historic battle green. All are welcome! To learn more, visit LGBT Asylum’s website.