Hancock Church Building Dedication – March 8, 2015

After years of prayer, gracious donations of time, talent and treasure, Sunday-after-Sunday of surprise changes, strange construction noises, an ever-confusing building, and much waiting – the time has come to celebrate our new building! Praise God!

Your Hancock Staff and lay leaders are planning a day-long celebration to mark the completion of our building project and to bless the Spirit-filled work which will fill its halls for years to come. Please keep an eye on this page over the coming weeks leading up to the dedication as we reveal more about what the day will entail.


10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Worship/Dedication Service

Worship will include a “Gathering of the Generations,” featuring new and familiar faces, to symbolize our many years together in community.
We’ll lift our voices in song, using a hymn written for the first dedication of our building in 1899.
Former minister Dana Allen Walsh will join us for worship and charge us to use our building faithfully.

11:00 AM (Following Worship)
Communal dedication of the building and open-house.

We’ll form groups to spread throughout the building to bless and dedicate our new and renovated spaces.
Hancock committees will host a moving open house throughout the building with food at each location.

2:00 PM
Bay Colony Brass Concert (Sanctuary)

The community is invited to join us for Bay Colony’s “England, Wales, and Yonder” concert in our sanctuary.

5:00 PM
Pre-Evening Worship Community Potluck (Dining Room)

Bring your favorite dish to a family pot-luck hosted by Evening Worship @the Well. 

6:15 PM
Sunday Evening Worship @The Well/Dedication Service

The incomparable, spirited sounds of New Orleans style jazz will guide us in worship as we dedicate Clark Hall.

7:00 PM
Dessert Fellowship and Dedication of the Upper Room

All are invited to gather for dessert and fellowship in the newly accessible Upper Room, hosted by our High School Youth.

For a sneak-peek at our new lobby and elevator, let the great reformer Martin Luther take you on a quick tour!