Hancock Bingo

Please join us in this fun winter activity! Anyone can play – one card per person. Complete as many squares as you can on this bingo card between Sunday, January 7 and Sunday, March 4. Color or shade in any completed squares and note what you did for the square. Events and people may only be counted once. Drop your card off at Hancock by Sunday March 6 to be eligible for prizes! We hope you have fun, meet new people, and have new experiences while learning about Hancock.

REGULAR  BINGO: Complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to be eligible for great prizes.

(And here’s the real challenge. You can do it!)

COVERED  CARD  BINGO: Complete all 25 squares to enter a drawing for the surprise Grand Prize! These cards also will automatically be entered in the regular Bingo Prize Drawing.

Notice that the center square on the Bingo board is “GRACE?” Not only do you get to color in that square for free, but GRACE extends to the rest of the board too. Please interpret the squares to fit you. Challenge yourself enough, but don’t make it impossible. For example, “Post a picture on social media” may be interpreted as “Share Hancock with the greater community by mentioning Hancock in a letter, conversation, email, or text.” Spread the word about what’s happening at Hancock! Or maybe “Attend worship service 5 times” means that some of the worship times are through our TV ministry. You get the idea.

Pick up a copy of the bingo card in the narthex this Sunday, or download one here.