Music and Arts are dynamic pieces of worship and life at Hancock Church.  Many different groups thrive in our congregation, and each of these groups gives voice to a beautiful and valued perspective in the kaleidoscope of  worship here.


The Chancel Choir provides musical leadership for our morning worship services most weeks from September to June. This 25-30 voice group sings great choral music in a wide range of styles from across the centuries. In addition, the group performs two major works each year with orchestra or chamber ensemble – past works including everything from the Brahms’ Requiem to Carol Barnett’s The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass.

Members have a wide range of musical backgrounds – from those who sing in multiple choral groups each week, to those who hadn’t sung since high school or college. No audition is required – we encourage all who love to sing to come and join us! Members who can only participate for portions of the year are also welcome. Rehearsals are Thursdays from 7:30 – 9:15 pm in the Choir Room on the lower level. Contact Director of Music Mark Morgan if you’d like to join:!

THE HANCOCK CHORISTERS and JYO CHOIRS We have two choirs for our children and youth: Choristers (grades 2-5) and JYO Choir (grades 6-8). These fun, fast paced groups learn great new songs, basic singing skills, musical skills and terms, and important lessons about making music together in a group. The groups help lead us in worship about 4 times per year, sometimes singing together, sometimes separately. No audition required – just come join the fun! Both groups meet on Sundays from 11:15 – 12 pm in Room 212. Contact our Children’s Music Specialist Erin Murphy if you’d like to join:


The River Rock Band provides musical leadership for our second Sunday service, Worship @the Well. The Well is an informal and intimate service held in Clark Hall on Sunday at noon. The Band plays a huge range of styles from around the globe and across the centuries including jazz, gospel, bluegrass, Celtic, folk, and much more. The entire band plays about once per month, with smaller combos from the band of differing styles playing the other weeks. In addition, talented guest musicians join us from time to time. Band members need to be able to pick up music quickly in just one rehearsal. Members need not commit to every week. Rehearsals are at 3:30 p.m. in Clark Hall. For more information, please contact Mark Morgan at


A Joyful Noyse is one of two resident early music groups at Hancock. AJN specializes in liturgical music of the 16th-18th centuries. It consists of talented amateur and professional musicians from the greater Boston area who have a passion for early music. In addition to providing music for our Sunday morning services 4-6 times a year, the ensemble performs three concerts a year on our Hancock Concert Series. To schedule an audition or to find out more about the group contact Martins Aldins at

Handbell Programs

New ringers are encouraged to join a group in September or January.

Hancock is especially blessed with a robust and lively handbell program under the direction of two experienced and committed leaders: Marilyn Becker is the Associate Director of Music, and Cheryl Kraley is the volunteer leader of several of Hancock’s bell groups. Those interested in joining any of Hancock’s bell groups are encouraged to join in either January or September. Contact for more information, and look out for special introductory bell events in September when seasoned ringers make themselves available to share information about the programs.



Junior Handbells is open to children entering 3rd through 5th grade. No musical experience is necessary. We will learn how to ring handbells and develop music reading skills, all in a fun, supportive environment. This group will be led by Marilyn Becker, Marilyn has years of experience working with children and has a teaching certificate from the State of NJ. She will be assisted by two experienced handbell ringers, Joan Rutila and Lynn McClaine.

THE MARTING TO GLORY PLUS RINGERS is an inter-generational handbell choir for middle school, high school, and adult ringers of all abilities, playing intermediate level music. Everyone will be challenged to their own ability, working as a team to create beautiful music for church services, concerts, and festivals. Rehearsals are 9-9:50 am about 2 Sundays a month. A commitment to be on time and attend a majority of rehearsals, and focus on an activity for 50 minutes is necessary.

THE MORNING GLORY RINGERS  This fun-loving group of adult ringers of all abilities plays intermediate level music on Friday mornings 9:30-10:45, preparing for occasional church services, community outreach programs, and two holiday concerts. After rehearsal, members may gather for coffee and social time in the bell room.

THE HANCOCK CARILLON is an experienced group of high school, college, and adult ringers playing six octaves of bells and chimes at an advanced level. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 PM. A commitment to attend all rehearsals (or find a substitute) is expected. The group prepares music for monthly church services, concerts, community outreach programs, and bell workshops/festivals. If you are an experienced ringer willing to commit to a busy ringing schedule and think you might like to try ringing in this bronze level group, please contact Marilyn Becker.


Other Music Groups at Hancock include the Hancock Consort and Skyloom Sacred Dance, both of which are run entirely by volunteers from the church.

Hancock’s Consort


Hancock’s Consort is an ensemble whose repertory focuses on music of, or in the tradition of, the Renaissance.  Members often bring music to share from their private libraries or other groups.  Past incarnations of Consort have used guitars, harpsichord, percussion, lutes, and crumhorns; today’s group includes recorders and stringed instruments.  The music this group produces tends to be light, lively, and uplifting.  This group welcomes new members of all skill levels and has been active since the 1980′s.  Current members say: “Through our common love of music, we find this year-round experience good for our minds and for our souls.” They rehearse on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30 in the Kathie Stuart room.  For more information, contact Sybille Volz (781) 861-8849 or


skyloom social justice2

SKYLOOM brings sacred dance to religious worship.  We are reclaiming the tradition of dance which has been part of every religion.  SKYLOOM is an interfaith and inter-generational dance group from the Greater Boston Area whose members help others enjoy dance and music in different contexts.  The dancers weave their own choreographies drawing on Biblical mystical traditions, Native American spirituality, sacred circle dances, Shaker dances, and social concerns from around the world.  The SKYLOOM sacred dance group was formed at Hancock in 1981 to encourage dance in worship services and religious education.  The group has led workshops and shared their dances throughout New England and nationally. SKYLOOM participates annually in the International Sacred Dance Guild Festivals.  SKYLOOM welcomes people of all ages and faiths.  The group takes its name from a prayer of the Tewa Pueblo people, The Song of the Skyloom.  They rehearse on Mondays at 1:30 in the Kathie Stuart Room.  For more information contact Sybille Volz (781) 861-8849 or  You can also visit the SKYLOOM website!