Being on the Green for the good of the community is work to which we are committed.  Blessed with a large facility, located on the Green, the symbol of community in Lexington, and a congregation that believes that God works for good in many ways, we open our building as a home for many organizations.

Close partners include:


Moreover, Hancock is a proud participant in the Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association (LICA), and is front and center in all interfaith groups and activities in the town.  We annually host the mid-winter Festival of Choirs for all communities of faith, and LICA meetings in turn.  Hancock clergy provided the vision, and Hancock members the creation of the Lexington Interfaith Garden.  With folk of different faiths working side by side, we grow annually more than a half-ton of organic produce that is distributed to those in need through the Lexington Food Pantry.

On occasion, individuals or families of no particular faith tradition need a safe home in time of death or other crisis, and often Hancock opens its doors to make them welcome.