In the spring of 2013, construction began at Hancock to make our building accessible to all people.  This work was made possible by the amazingly generous gifts of our members, who responded to a year of dreaming and planning with gifts of nearly $3.5 million so that an elevator might be installed and other necessary improvements made.  We are pleased to have done this work, in response to the guidance of the Spirit among us.  God has truly blessed us and we give thanks.

In addition to these physical improvements, funds were also raised to “Widen the Welcome” of Hancock United Church of Christ.  These monies will enable new ministries of welcome and service to others to be added to our on-going efforts.  Indeed, the work on the building is done so that our mission purposes might be more readily accomplished.
We believe that our unique location on the Battle Green in Lexington creates for us unique opportunities to work for the common good of our community, and indeed our world.  The Growing for Good campaign is intended to permit growth in our church, in worship, in membership, and in service to others.  From a strong foundation in our building on this location, we turn our eyes to the common good of all.

More work remains to be done, and contributions to the Growing for Good campaign are still welcome.  Please call the church office 781-862-4220 for more information or to make a contribution.