By Nancy Rottman

I recently saw a movie that examined our human concept of time as chronological and linear.  I won’t tell what movie because I don’t want to give anything away, but when the characters came up against the idea of time as circular, repeating, overlapping, let’s just say their eyes were opened! We human beings live in the tension between our knowledge of time as linear and chronological and our experiences of time as circular.  Many people experience moments of déjà vu, moments of experiencing something new that seems to be memory.  We encourage these moments by living the circles of life, the day in and day out, year-to-year routines, traditions, and seasons and they express our longing to experience time as circular.  These circles of time and experience are part of our stories and our belonging.  And so here we are, back at the beginning of our story, back in the season of Advent.  As we wait for the coming of Emmanuel, again, I am wondering what new/old light, insight, hope, peace, joy, love will be born in me this year. Will I make time?  Will I make room?  Will you?  Will we?