~ Hancock happens because we give ~

 This is a great time to be part of the excitement and energy of the Hancock Church community.

What is Faith Promise?

 We ask members and friends of Hancock to consider a pledge in support of Hancock for the coming year. We call it Faith Promise because it’s a promise between an individual and God; no one will hold you to it, and what you pledge is known only to the staff and lay leaders responsible for our finances. Our pledge drive is important for two primary reasons. Practically speaking, we do this so that we can plan next year’s budget responsibly, knowing the resources we’ll have to apply to the ministries we hope to fund. More importantly, it’s a commitment we make together, as a congregation, for this institution we love and share. Though everyone is invited to take part in the tradition of Committment Sunday each year in November, pledges are welcome at any time.

What is Stewardship?

Our church community and its good work are sustained by our gifts of time, talent and money –tangible expressions of our faith and love for God, our fellow human beings, and this Creation we share.

The term “stewardship” is often used in churches as a euphemism for fundraising. Stewardship is certainly about fundraising, but it is much more than that. Stewardship has been defined as:

  1. What I do, with all that I have, after I say, “I believe.”
  2. Using the gifts God has given us to do the work God is calling us to do.

At Hancock we seek to be good stewards of God’s gifts in many ways, by using our time, our money, and our talents to further God’s work on earth: by worshiping and learning, caring for each other, helping those less fortunate, and caring for the health of the planet.

One part is the financial stewardship of our church. The funds to support Hancock – everything we do, from worship and church school to our service and justice ministries – come from us, Hancock’s members and friends. Unlike churches in other denominations, which may receive support from a central office or institution, Hancock is part of the congregational tradition and carries both the authority and responsibility for its building and finances. Fully 81% of our budget comes from gifts made each year by Hancock’s members and friends.

[Click to view the 2017 Pledge Campaign Letter (PDF)]

How much should I give?  How do I give? 

[CLICK to view the Giving Guide on our Pledge Page (PDF)]

Ways to give: 

  • Personal check or cash
  • Your bank’s “bill pay” option
  • EFT or credit card – one time or recurring [fees apply]
  • Gifts of securities
  • Estate Planned Giving
  • Give online, by clicking the button below

How is our money used?

At Hancock we are Community in Worship, Community in Learning & Spiritual Growth, Community in Fellowshp & Caring, and Community in Service. 

Why your giving matters
Worship 33%
Learning 13%
Community 22%
Service 32%


CLICK HERE for more details [a 4 page flyer pamphlet]

Other Giving at Hancock

Members and friends give financially in many other ways as well. We hold special collections during the year and fundraisers for specific needs. Our work is also sustained by the bequests of departed members and friends, which can be applied to current needs or used to fund an endowment.

We have recently completed a capital campaign to make our church home reflect our calling to be accessible and welcoming to all. We received sufficient pledges to fund the installation of an elevator, add accessible bathrooms, and make other needed improvements. There are other pressing needs, and if you would like to participate, please speak with one of our staff or lay leaders.

Together we serve, we grow, we give.