Sunday, November 13th, 11:15 AM, Chapel
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The last two Sundays at Hancock afforded an introduction to the theory & practice of Centering Prayer, drawing on highlights of a Centering Prayer Course developed by Father Thomas Keating—a leading proponent of Christian contemplative prayer, and the founder of the worldwide organization, Contemplative Outreach.
The attendees confirmed their interest in formation of a Centering Prayer Group, in accordance with Contemplative Outreach guidelines, and focusing initially on the contents of that course (6 DVD’s, and supporting material).
This course is reportedly quite constructive for those trying to improve their attunement to spiritual experience and how such experience can be harnessed, so to speak, for discernment of God’s will and plans as it works in each of us. Prior attendance at the introductory meetings is not required, so join us if you can! For more information, contact Stan Goldin