What to Expect at The Well
Sundays September – June at 5:00 p.m. in the chapel

About The Well

Here at Hancock we envisioned a worship space in which together we find that life-giving blessing animals 3water Jesus offered the Samaritan woman at the well. We hope it’s unlike any other worship service you’ve attended. We sit in chairs in a semi-circle, illuminated by candles and soft-light. Instead of an organ we have the River Rock Band with guitars, Native American flutes, and saxophones. Our music is rich and varied, bluegrass and jazz, Celtic and soul, rock and gospel–it’s the kind of music you love.

It is a space that evolves based on how God moves in our hearts. Some weeks we offer services to bless our animals, and other weeks we walk the labyrinth. However, every time we gather, we make time to share our joys and concerns, light candles of prayer, and share in the meal Jesus shared with his friends the night before he died. We do it all so that we might draw closer to the heart of God, and one another. The Well is a space in which truly all are welcome to come and discover how their spirit might be refreshed in community with others on the journey.

Worship with Children

At Hancock we believe that families should have the opportunity to worship together, so children of all ages are invited to join in worship at our second service. Your children are invited to participate in as much of the service as they fell comfortable. Let go of every preconceived notion of what your family can and can’t do in worship – things are a bit different here. Oh, and don’t worry –  the quiet whispers of older children and the cooing of younger babies blend with the other beautiful sounds of worship together. Read more about worship with children on our Families with Children page.

Well Band PictureMusic

The River Rock Band provides musical leadership for our Sunday noon service, The Well. The Band plays a huge range of styles from around the globe and across the centuries including jazz, gospel, bluegrass, Celtic, folk, and much more. The entire band plays about once per month, with smaller combos from the band of differing styles playing the other weeks. In addition, talented guest musicians join us about once per month for special music nights. Band members need to be able to pick up music quickly in just one rehearsal. Members need not commit to every week. For more information, please contact Mark Morgan at mark@hancockchurch.org.

Listen to the River Rock Band

“How Can I Keep From Singing”