Financial Updates and Year End Information

A Note From the Treasurer

As we near the end of the year, we reflect on how grateful we are for your donations to Hancock Church in 2015. We are now weeks from closing the books, and we hope that everyone is able to complete the fulfillment of their pledges before year end. If you’ve forgotten what you pledged, or would like an up-to-date figure on what you’ve given so far, please contact Kim Gladstone, our financial administrator, at or at 781-862-4220.

Life’s circumstances sometimes change folks’ ability to meet the pledge they made a year ago. If you are in this situation, we understand. Conversely, if you find yourself in a position to give a little extra then that would be most appreciated. Many people have generously given more than their pledge already and we are enormously grateful for this – it will do a lot to reduce our budget deficit.

Your support is vital to the church and all the good work it does, and we very much appreciate it.

Mike Kraley

Thank You for Giving to Hancock

Stock Donations and Year-End Logistics: Thank you very much for contributing to Hancock Church via a stock donation. With year-end fast approaching, please note that stock contributions should be transferred into Hancock’s Fidelity account no later than Friday, December 18th in order for trades to settle by year-end. Please keep that deadline in mind as you consider making a stock contribution during the month of December. Questions may be addressed to Kim Gladstone, financial administrator, at 781-862-4220 or at
Thank you.