for the world discernmentfor hancock discernmentfor ourselves discernment

This Fall Hancock UCC is engaged in a process of discernment.
Our goal is to identify the next large mission focus for our congregation over the next three years. 

On three previous Sundays, we’ve sat together and asked:

·      What do I desire for myself?

·      What do I desire for Hancock?

·      What do I desire for the world?

We have faithfully read and recorded each answer, and in Clark Hall, each response is
on display as a prayer flag.  Please go to Clark, and read the flags and add your
prayers as you go.


Inside you will find word clouds reporting the themes that we believe fairly interpret
the hundreds of replies.  The larger the words are printed in each cloud, the more responses there were that reflected each one.  Please read these clouds, and think
and pray about what you see.


On the back page, you will find descriptions of the next steps in the process.

The next step will be to engage in face-to-face conversations with one another about these themes.  Please come and engage with others in this exploration.  You need to come only to one of the conversations listed here, all will be held in the Pearson Room:


11:15 am Sunday, November 22

9:00 am Sunday, November 29

5:30 pm Sunday December 6

If you cannot take part in one of these, we hope that you’ll reflect on the following criteria for our next big mission focus.  Our theme needs to be:

·      Large enough to require a mulit-year commitment

·      Have congregational, local, national and international possibilities

·      Build community through shared conversation and work
(not just contributing money)

·      Will be fun to work on together

·      Will be inclusive of all people

·      Will provide tangible, measurable impact


With these criteria in mind, feel free to respond to the following question:

What current challenge or need do you see in our church, town/region, nation or the world resonates with the words in the Word Clouds, and with these criteria?