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UPDATE 12/9/2015

Thank you!

A GIANT Thank you, Hancock! The Christmas Cookie Bake Sale to fund the  Birthday Program at the Women’s Lunch Place was a resounding success in so many ways! On the most surface level, it might seem a bit facile to be holding a bake sale. But in the deepest sense it was not. The process sensitized our hearts, strengthened our feeling of community and will contribute to others’ wellbeing. This was a huge joint effort by Hancock between bakers and buyers, with over 100 people contributing.

The way the Hancock community came together to help others (yet again!) was inspiring! Thirty bakers made delicious cookies. Many thanks to Jan Hurd, Brenda Haris, Stephanie Littell (Gilbert), Susan Foley, Karen Dooks, Jamie Davis, Carol Counihan, Anita Chanoux, Daryl Battin, Kris Arena, Carolyn Aitken, Ann Irving, Sara Larsen, Kelly Littlewood, Lynn McClain, Candy McLaughlin, Kate McLaughlin, Linda Thayer, Linda Kilner Olivier, Amy Swanson, CeCe Potter, Betty Ransohoff, Wynelle Scenna, Beth Schutt, Debbie Seale, Amanda Smith, Gretchen Tolson, Meg Weston, Laura Wilczewski and Louise Fellman.

Obviously, without the bakers donating their time and materials, there would be nothing to sell! We had so much fun coming together and assembling the beautiful plates. And a huge thank you to all those who bought our homemade cookies and offered donations. Without your generosity there would be no funds to give  the WLP.

This “tiny” bake sale made $1250 after expenses! 100% of this money goes to create monthly community birthday celebrations with a cake and small gifts to homeless women, all because of you. According to the Director, it means a great deal to these women that people in the greater community actually care that much about them that they would work hard and donate to contribute to their happiness. In Matthew 25, Jesus teaches that when you care for and bring kindness to the most vulnerable in society, you are, in the deepest sense caring for Him.We were also moved by how very caring and nourishing it felt to our own hearts and as well.

Delicious Christmas cookies for sale to support The Women’s Lunch Place Place your order at coffee hour: November 12, 22, and 29

Remember those scrumptious, beautiful homemade Christmas cookies sold last year? They’re back.

You can order plates of 15 lovely cookies for $15 to benefit the Women’s Lunch Place on November 15, 22 or 29 at our table at coffee hour. Or email Amy Swanson at Your order is complete when we receive the money.

Hancock has long supported the Women’s Lunch Place’s efforts to address hunger and homelessness. On Newbury Street in Boston, they serve breakfast and lunch to about 200 women and children daily. They provide a napping room for those awake all night on the streets, laundry and shower facilities, a legal assistance program, free health care, employment and affordable housing assistance.

When we visited, as members of the Christian Service Committee, the Director longed to create a birthday program to develop community and recognize each woman personally, but had no funds for it. Linda, Amy and CeCe backed by Hancock, created this Cookie Sale to fund the program. Every dollar you give goes towards a birthday gift for a homeless woman.

Your money also goes towards cake, provided on the last Friday of every month, to celebrate the birthday of women who had birthdays that during the month. You can give dollars by buying plates of cookies, giving cash or writing a check to Hancock Church (which will be sent from Hancock to the Women’s Lunch Place). Here’s a story of what happened because you bought cookies and gave money. The Director of WLP shared, “A woman had tears in her eyes after she opened the backpack. She exclaimed, ‘I am so tired of walking around carrying plastic bags!!’ “

The Director added, “These women often have indentations on their shoulders from carrying their belongings day after day. Thank Hancock so much for being concerned about these women. It means so much to them that others in the area care about them.”

We remember that they are like us in that they, too, have birthdays and enjoy celebrating them in community. In the past, Hancock members say they have bought plates of cookies to give as holiday gifts to neighbors, to send to other friends or church members who are sick or infirmed, to their children at college, to take to work to share, as a hostess gift, to take as a Yankee Swap or grab bag gift, or just to nibble on at home! We also welcome cash donations for those forgoing cookies this year!

Look for our table at coffee hour on Sunday Nov. 15, 22, 29 to order and pay for your cookies ($15 per plate of 15 cookies). Then pick up your cookies at the WLP table at the Holiday Fair after church on Dec 6th. For more info, contact the church office.